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Belambo is all about unlocking the potential growth of your business using Information Technology services. We are passionate to learn about your long term business goals and are keen to support you in paving a path that leads to them. At Belambo, we focus on building a unique brand image of your business and provide you with tailored IT solutions. We are here to yield the best results out of your digital efforts and are ready to scale up your business regardless of the current size.

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IT Consultation

IT Consultant

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Initiating IT projects in your company could be challenging in the absence of in-house IT specialists. Our consultation services can help you in developing your next project from the idea stage to the implementation and after-sales services.

IT ConsultantExpert’s support in initiating IT projects.
IT ConsultantEstimations and analysis of IT projects.
IT ConsultantBusiness analysis to gain objective advice.
IT ConsultantProfessional IT services.
IT ConsultantProcess automation.



Custom-Designed website, presenting the right amount of information regarding your business; providing your clients with a brief of your business standpoint. We also host and maintain your websites to make you care free.



Start selling your products and services online and have a broader audience. We understand your brand values and provide you a platform where you deliver the same experience to your online customers.


Inventory System

Carefully crafted inventory system to handle your products and provide you with useful insights. Our cloud based inventory solution equips you with flexibility to sell (POS), manage, and re-order your products with ease of mind.


Graphic Design

Reflecting your company through right graphics (logo/banner) is important. We consider the core values of your business and provide a real time representation of your brand, to make sure it stands out from the competition.

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